Hoop Shooting Program and 3D Croquet Tutorials

LATEST -The latest development is an easily downloadable interactive program for shooting at a hoop and modelling the behaviour of a ball as it passes through the hoop in slow motion. Great fun to practice hoop running including jump shots

I have developed a 3D program to demonstate croquet breaks and shots.
You can either download the program and run the tutorials from within the program or you
can watch the videos prepared from the program.

3D program

       Download a program which will

  • Run an range of breaks, 4 ball, three ball, triple peels, cannons etc
  • Step forward or backwards through each shot.
  • See the court from the player's eye view
  • Start partway through a break at a predetermined hoop
  • Turn voice commentary on or off
  • Run accelerated sequences
  • Auto-run the sequence
  • Allows games to be recorded and replicated

3D videos

  • Either stream or download to watch any of the breaks.

©Copyright Andrew Dutton 2015

  • Breaks

    Click to see the range of breaks

  • Cannons

    Click to see the range of corner cannons

3D Croquet Court

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